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5 reasons to wipe the headlights more often (and one reason not to).

Judging by the cars in the stream, many drivers believe that you should only clean the optics if you drive in the dark on an unlit road. Big misconception, fraught with trouble of all sorts!

Ever since daytime running lights and light sensors began to appear in cars on a massive scale, “ghosts” that are not marked with sufficient visibility have almost disappeared from the streets. But the dirt on our roads, unfortunately, has not gone anywhere, and she knows how to lead a very high quality “light disguise”. There are several reasons why we should do something about it.

External lighting fixtures and retroreflectors are not working properly or are contaminated?

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Formally, the car inspector has the right to prohibit further traffic. From the strict measure to “slip away” is easy: wipe the headlights and lights on the spot. Violation is eliminated, you can go. But more importantly, no document contains criteria for determining whether the headlights are dirty or clean. It is clear that if the optics are completely impermeable to light, there can be no two interpretations. But this state of the car is still very rare, and any borderline case is a cause for debate.

Don’t give the police an extra excuse to stop the car – it takes more time than to get the lights to look good before you go.

You’ve paid, not used.

Headlights – one of the components of the car, subject to permanent improvement. Washer, xenon, LEDs, turn signals, matrix technology, automatic high beam control – this is even a partial list of systems that improve visibility in the dark. And many people, paying for the turns when buying a car, bury the effect of them under a layer of dirt. The latter negates all the effort of optical systems. Doesn’t that hurt?

You can’t see anything.

The fact that you have to travel through a well-lit city and not on a dark road is not a reason to neglect “bathing procedures”. In almost any yard of light from the lanterns is not enough, and pits and other ambush moments, on the contrary, in abundance. You can get to the dark area and the street. Where is the guarantee that the law of meanness is not hiding a dangerous pit for the wheel?

So with dirty headlights you will either drive blind, or will reduce speed, creating inconvenience to the entire flow of cars.

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I can’t see you.

Thinking isn’t just about yourself. Dirty headlights and lanterns prevent other drivers from seeing you in time. Yeah, yeah, and the headlights, too, which are kind of only needed to light the road for yourself. The light beam from them allows you to see the car when you leave the secondary road, when visibility is limited by something. In the event of an accident, the inspector is likely to admit guilt that he was driving under “Make way”. But part of the guilt will also lie on the “dirtbag”, which was driving on the main road.

Same situation with stop signals and turn signals. Are there many cases when the wrong person from behind is found guilty in a collision? But often he is deprived of the opportunity to notice in time the slowdown of the car from the front because of dirty lights.

You’d be surprised, but there is one reason why some drivers are reluctant to clean the headlights. Now all of them are equipped with plastic protective hoods, which quickly “wash” and the quality of lighting becomes worse. Less rubbing – longer service. Given the cost of new headlamps on modern cars, you can understand the desire to keep their appearance longer. Still, you shouldn’t do that. Especially since it does not apply to rear lights, and there is no good reason to keep them under a layer of dirt.